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Product Vendor Availability Price
Wavetek Acterna SDA-5000 Digital Analyzer, W. Reserve Path & Path Trek Option JDSU In Stock $4,300.00
JDSU BBS Broadband Source, 12dBm Output Power JDSU Please Call $2,390.00
JDSU FP-1478 Fabry-Perot LD Module, 1478nm JDSU In Stock $300.00
JDSU FP-1526 Fabry-Perot LD Module, 1526nm JDSU In Stock $300.00
JDSU FP-1575 Fabry-Perot LD Module, 1575nm JDSU In Stock $300.00
JDSU FP-1601 Fabry-Perot LD Module, 1601nm JDSU In Stock $300.00
JDSU FP-874 Fabry-Perot LD Module, 874nm JDSU In Stock $300.00
JDSU FP-978 Fabry-Perot LD Module, 978nm JDSU In Stock $300.00
JDSU FP-986 Fabry-Perot LD Module, 986nm JDSU In Stock $300.00
JDSU MTA100 Optical Switch, including 8 sets 1x4, Total 8 input / 32 output JDSU Please Call $1,900.00
JDSU SC Series Quad 1x16 Optical Switches, FC/APC Connectors JDSU Please Call $3,000.00
JDSU RM3750 Single-Mode Back-Reflection Meter - 1625nm/1550nm with SC/APC Connector JDSU Please Call $3,700.00
JDSU TB2500 Tunable Etalon Controller, 1530-1570nm JDSU Please Call $1,950.00
JDSU TB9 Tunable Grating Filter, 1475-1570nm JDSU Please Call $4,850.00
JDSU MTA-300 Variable Optical Attenuator Cassette JDSU In Stock $600.00
JDSU 8-Channel Variable Optical Attenuator Rackmount Shelf JDSU In Stock $4,500.00

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