· 1. Laser Diode
· 2. Laser Source
· 3. Pulse Laser
· 4. Optical Modulator
· 5. Lightwave Transmitter
· 6. Modulator Driver
· 7. Photodiode
· 8. Photoreceiver
· 9. EDFA Amplifier
· 10. YDFA Amplifier
· 11. EYDFA Amplifier
· 12. SOA ,Raman
· 13. SPDC Quantum Photonics
· 14. Test Instrumentation

Photonics Depot
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· Refurbished Equipment

· 1. Passive
· 2. Coupler/Splitter
· 3. WDM/CWDM Filter
· 4. Quantum Photonics
· 5. Optical Switch/VOA
· 6. DWDM 100G/200G
· 7. FBG/Wavelocker
· 8. M-Z Interferometer
· 9. High Power Component
· 10. Pump Laser Diode
· 11. Laser Source Diode
· 12. Photodiode/APD
· 13. Housing/Fiber Tray
· 14. Patchcord/cable+Optical Fiber
· 15. RF Cable/Adaptor

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You are at OEQuest : Customer Support

OEQuest Team

OEQuest recognizes that people are the key to achieving customer satisfaction. We will work tirelessly to improve our performance and to meet goals by promoting teamwork and providing tools and technical training necessary. Our staff is trained to use advanced testing equipment for our products as part of the OEQuest Quality Assurance Process and Guarantee for customers. Additionally, our team bridges customers and suppliers, covering any technical questions our customers may have as well as providing support to them.

OEQuest Testing Facilities

To ensure our Quality Assurance Program of highest quality, OEQuest has invested in a state-of-the-art testing laboratory to perform evaluation and analysis of the incoming products and parts. Our capabilities include static optical testing, dynamic modulation, electro-optical analysis, RF microwave stations, and temperature cycles. All photonics components, fiber optics parts, photonics modules and instruments will undergo various and thorough in-house qualification processes to ensure the highest performance.

OEQuest Product Warranty

OEQuest provides a 1 to 3 year warranty on its products, depending on the product type. These products feature the longest warranty offered in the industry. We can offer such a warranty due to the confidence that we have on our products. Every product is fully tested and qualified to ensure optimal use straight out of the box. Though the product comes with a warranty, the shelf life of every product is meant to far exceed that period, allowing years of continuous, uninterrupted use. When you order any Optilab module products, you will receive Certificate of Conformance, Warranty Certificate and a complete test report. For more information about the OEQuest warranty service, please contact us.

Quality Assurance Process for Equipments
Before a product even reaches your door, each piece of equipment will be tested by OEQuest. A label will certify that the equipment has successfully passed our tests and will indicate a Quality Assurance Process has been performed. When you see an OEQuest Quality Assurance label, it means that our Quality Assurance Process has been performed on this product. Our Quality Assurance Process includes:

  • Evaluating the unit thoroughly for electrical and mechanical defects;
  • Providing standard accessories and manuals;
  • Inspecting to ensure units are free from cosmetic imperfections;
  • Burn-in units as required;
  • Running customized quality control tests to ensure units meet performance standards using callibrated equipment;
  • Custom-wrapping and packaging in shock-resistant foam, sent with guaranteed tracking procedures.

Quality Control for Photonics and Fiber Optics Components

OEQuest only works with a selected group of high quality manufacturing partners. All photonics parts and fiber optics products offered by OEQuest have been rigorously qualified by our suppliers with industrial standards such as Telcordia. Upon receiving a new batch of products, our technical staff performs an inspection and technical evaluation to ensure that the quality of incoming products meets their original specifications. Each product will be delivered with its own test report that contains a Serial Number, Part Number, specifications and actual test data.

Warranty on Used, Refurbished, and Certified Euipment/Instruments

Depending on the product and order conditions, there are three levels of warranty provided for each product:

  • Used: The basic level of warranty is for 6 month period after delivery.
  • Refurbished: 12-month period of warranty provided by OEQuest.
  • Certified: 12 month extended warranty provided by original manufacturer of the equipments.
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