· 1. Laser Diode
· 2. Laser Source
· 3. Pulse Laser
· 4. Optical Modulator
· 5. Lightwave Transmitter
· 6. Modulator Driver
· 7. Photodiode
· 8. Photoreceiver
· 9. EDFA Amplifier
· 10. YDFA Amplifier
· 11. EYDFA Amplifier
· 12. SOA ,Raman
· 13. SPDC Quantum Photonics
· 14. Test Instrumentation

Photonics Depot
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· Refurbished Equipment

· 1. Passive
· 2. Coupler/Splitter
· 3. WDM/CWDM Filter
· 4. Quantum Photonics
· 5. Optical Switch/VOA
· 6. DWDM 100G/200G
· 7. FBG/Wavelocker
· 8. M-Z Interferometer
· 9. High Power Component
· 10. Pump Laser Diode
· 11. Laser Source Diode
· 12. Photodiode/APD
· 13. Housing/Fiber Tray
· 14. Patchcord/cable+Optical Fiber
· 15. RF Cable/Adaptor

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You are at OEQuest : Customer Support

Our Mission and Philosophy

OEQuest is dedicated to becoming one of the leading suppliers of the optoelectronics and photonics industry. OEQuest is founded by photonics professionals to serve fiber optics and optoelectronics industries including telecom, bio-photonics, fiber sensors and laser instruments. The photonics industry has branched into many different products and market sectors. However, due to the complexity and diversity of optoelectronics products, there is a lack of a centralized market and product information that offers real performance data, lead time and up-to-date pricing. The process of ordering a few basic parts can take many steps and several weeks. OEQuest covers this deficiency by offering a wide range of products that are available instantly.

OEQuest has thousands of customers from dozens of industries, both national and international. Every major university, telecom maker, researcher, national lab, defense agency, and aerospace company buys from OEQuest. OEQuest is a centralized e-commerce portal for scientists, entrepreneurs, engineers, researchers, technicians, representative, and anyone else who cares about photonics. OEQuest is a space on Internet where photonics people can:

  • Locate suppliers and order parts/supplies
  • Receive ordered items on the next business day
  • Procure or rent instruments and equipment
  • Secure custom-designed products

Company Profile

OEQuest is founded by experienced optical veterans in response to needs in education, government, and small-to-mid-sized business sectors for cost-effective and cutting edge photonics products and research.

Our strong customer focus and comprehensive portfolio of products, services, and support options have enabled us to grow a loyal client base of worldwide customers. We have carefully selected and evaluated our suppliers and partners, allowing us to offer the longest warranties (up to 2 years) in the industry.

Our headquarters are currently located in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. Please refer to Contact Us for our address and contact information as well a contact form.

Affiliation with Optilab

OEQuest is affiliated with Optilab. Optilab is a provider of innovative and high performance fiber optic products and photonic equipment solutions. Optilab provides products for a variety of applications such as: telecommunications, RFoG, FTTH, HFC, xPON, fiber laser, research and development, testing and measurement, and fiber sensing. Its standard products include RF over Fiber links, source laser, fiber amplifier, fiber laser, fiber sensor, and photonic devices. Please visit Optilab.com for more information.

All Optilab products come with a 3-year warranty.  

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