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· DFB Laser Source Bank
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· Optical Network Tx / Rx
· Fiber Sensor, FBG
· Bit Error Rate Tester
· Optical Heterodyning System
· Portable Instruments

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· Optical Modulators
· Variable Opt. Atten.
· RF Amplifier, Devices
· Photodiodes / Receivers
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· Fiber Assembly Housing
· Patchcords / Adaptors
· Power Supplies


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Product Vendor Availability Price
Components/DFB LD/DFB LD w/ SM Fiber, DWDM, 1310nm-1610nm
1310nm Analog DFB, 2mW, Analog to 1GHz, MiniDIL FC/UPC Connectors Mitsubishi In Stock $135.00
Components/DFB LD/External Modulated, Directly Modulated LD/Externally Modulated DFB LD, Up to 40 GHz
1540nm EAM-DFB, 12Gb/s, 2mW, 7-pin Butterfly Mitsubishi Please Call $495.00
1550nm EAM-DFB, 12Gb/s, 2mW, 7-pin Butterfly, K-Connector Mitsubishi In Stock $525.00
1554nm EAM-DFB, 12GHZ, 2mW, 7-pin Butterfly, K-Connector Mitsubishi In Stock $525.00
Components/DFB LD/Fabry Perot (FP), 780nm - 1625nm, Up to 240mW
1310nm FP, 30mW Output, Pulse Mode, Coaxial Package Mitsubishi In Stock $90.00
1310nm FP, 5mW Output, TO Can Mitsubishi In Stock $25.00
785nm FP, 70mW output, TO Can Mitsubishi In Stock $50.00
785nm FP, 8mW Output, TO Can Mitsubishi In Stock $30.00

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