· 1. Laser Diode
· 2. Laser Source
· 3. Pulse Laser
· 4. Optical Modulator
· 5. Lightwave Transmitter
· 6. Modulator Driver
· 7. Photodiode
· 8. Photoreceiver
· 9. EDFA Amplifier
· 10. YDFA Amplifier
· 11. EYDFA Amplifier
· 12. SOA ,Raman
· 13. SPDC Quantum Photonics
· 14. Test Instrumentation

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· 1. Passive
· 2. Coupler/Splitter
· 3. WDM/CWDM Filter
· 4. Quantum Photonics
· 5. Optical Switch/VOA
· 6. DWDM 100G/200G
· 7. FBG/Wavelocker
· 8. M-Z Interferometer
· 9. High Power Component
· 10. Pump Laser Diode
· 11. Laser Source Diode
· 12. Photodiode/APD
· 13. Housing/Fiber Tray
· 14. Patchcord/cable+Optical Fiber
· 15. RF Cable/Adaptor

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Featured Products

Universal Laser Diode Controller, for Coaxial Laser, 100 mA
The Optilab ULDC-0100-MC is a fully integrated Universal Laser Diode Controller designed for the coaxial laser diode.
Universal Laser Diode Controller, up to 1000 mA
The Optilab ULDC-1000-MC is a fully integrated Universal Laser Diode Controller designed for butterfly laser diode
1550nm, 40 GHz Intensity Modulator, PM Output, GPPO Connectors
The Optilab IML-1550-40-PM-G Intensity Modulator is designed for analog modulation of up to 40 GHz for satellite links, antennae remoting, and RF over Fiber.
1064nm Phase Modulator, 200 MHz, PM, FC/APC, Ultra-Low Drive
200 MHz, 1064nm Phase Modulator, Ultra-Low Drive
1064nm Phase Modulator, 2 GHz, PM, FC/APC, Low Drive
2 GHz, 1064nm Phase Modulator, Low Drive
15 GHz Linear GaAs PIN Photodetector, 850nm
The Optilab SPD-15 is a highly linear, 15 GHz bandwidth GaAs PIN photodetector that is optimized for 850 nm operational wavelength; it is ideal for use in O/E front-ends requiring wide band frequency response.
1550 nm type-II SPDC, Device
SPDC-1550-5-PG is a packaged 5mm length Periodically Poled Lithium Niobate (PPLN) waveguide chip designed to operate at 1550 nm.
Precision Temperature Controller for SPDC/SFG Module
PTC-5000-MC is a fully integrated Precision Temperature Controller designed for Optilab’s Spontaneous Parametric Down-Conversion (SPDC) / Sum Frequency Generation (SFG) 4 pins waveguide modules.
Fiber Optic Current Sensor Chip, Packaged 1550 nm
The Optilab FOCS-1550-PG is designed for fiber optic current sensing.
Tunable VCSEL Evaluation Module
The Optilab VCSEL-T-EVAL is an evaluation module for Optilab VCSEL-15XX-T series high-speed wavelength tunable vertical cavity surface emission lasers (VCSEL).
850 nm, 40 GHz Intensity Modulator, PM Output
The Optilab IMP-850-40-PM Intensity Modulator is designed for analog modulation of up to 40GHz for satellite links, antenna remoting, and RF over Fiber.
Modulator Bias Control Board, Five Bias Mode
The Optilab BCB-4 is a compact bias control board designed to maintain the linear operating point of optical intensity modulators.

2x2 Mechanical Optical Cross Switch
The Optilab compact low noise 2x2 bidirectional optical cross switch module is a simple and reliable tool for engineering, laboratory, production settings and field applications.

1310 nm Laser Linewidth Analyzer, 2 kHz - 100 MHz
The Optilab LLA is a laser linewidth analyzer based on the delayed self-heterodyne interferometric technique.

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