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Product Vendor Availability Price
Components/DFB LD/Pump LD, 980nm, 1480nm/Multi-Mode Pump LD, Up to 8W, 808nm - 980nm
830nm Laser with 400mW from multimode fiber, with TEC and ST Connector Contact Oequest Please Call $490.00
K&L Microwave 500-1000MHz Tunable Bandpass Filter Contact Oequest Please Call $1,250.00
Tenma 2MHz Sweep Function Generator Contact Oequest Please Call $185.00
SRS Single Phase Lock-in w/GPIB computer interface Contact Oequest In Stock $2,100.00
J Micro Vacuum Accessory Kit Contact Oequest In Stock Contact Sales
Trilithic 7208B 75 Ω RF Switch Contact Oequest In Stock $395.00
LeCroy LT344L Waverunner Digital Oscilloscope - 500MHz Contact Oequest In Stock $6,950.00

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