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You are at OEQuest : Equipment : RF over Fiber, Analog : RF over Fiber Tx/Rx up to 40 GHz : Module : 6 GHz Lightwave Transmitter, 1550nm
6 GHz Lightwave Transmitter, 1550nm
6 GHz Lightwave Transmitter, 1550nm The Optilab LTA-6-M is a 6 GHz bandwidth lightwave transmitter module output designed for RF over fiber, antenna remoting and broadband RF transmission applications using single mode optical fiber. This convenient, cost-effective module uses a low noise, narrow linewidth, 1550 nm distributed feedback (DFB) laser diode as Continuous Wave (CW) light source. A compact Mach-Zehnder Interferometer (MZI) optical modulator is employed to provide the linear modulation capability that exceeds 6 GHz in its modulation bandwidth, and the externally modulated transmitter design provides a high spurious-free dynamic range and high input intercept point performances. With useful bandwidth up to 6 GHz, the LTA-6-M can be utilized for digital transmission when driven by a wideband modulator driver, and can be paired with the PR-12-B-M series of 12 GHz amplified receivers for a high-speed RF over Fiber Link. Contact Optilab for more information.

➢ RFoF Transmitter with 6 GHz Bandwidth
➢ High Dynamic Range with low RIN Source Laser
➢ Highly Linear for Analog Transmission
➢ RS-232 Monitor Interface (optional)
➢ Compact MZI optical modulator
➢ Housing limits RF and thermal interface

➢ Wideband RF Transmission over Fiber
➢ RF/IF Signal Distribution
➢ Satcom microwave antenna signal distribution
➢ EW Systems
➢ Broadband delay-line and signal processing
➢ Radar system calibration phased
➢ Phased and interferometric array antenna

Downloadable PDF Datasheets:
LTA-6-M Datasheet

Downloadable Images:
LTA-6-M Larger Image 1 (628699 bytes)

Manufacturer:  Optilab
Part Number:   LTA-6-M
Shipping Weight: 2.00 lbs
Lead Time:   1-2 Weeks
Base Price: $3,150.00

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