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You are at OEQuest : Equipment : Portable Instruments : C+L Band Tunable Laser Sedona Housing, High Performance
C+L Band Tunable Laser Sedona Housing, High Performance
C+L Band Tunable Laser Sedona Housing, High Performance The Optilab TWL-S-CL-HP is a handhold photonic multimeter based on the Sedona platform. Featuring a 7” touch display screen and a large capacity battery, the TWL-S-CL-HP provides a convenient solution to monitor photonic conditions in both laborartory and field settings. The user can select one of the three options for an integrated light source at the time of ordering: a wavelength tunable laser in full C band or L band or a CWDM DFB laser with a limited tuning range. This multimeter not only detects the average input optical power, but can also analyze optical waveforms up to 100 kHz. Moreover, it comes with an electrical signal generator for quick O/E conversion test. FFT analysis is included.

➤ 7” LCD Display
➤ Battery Operated & Portable
➤ C-Band Tuning Range: 1528 to 1565 nm
➤ L-Band Tuning Range: 1568 to 1608 nm
➤ Tuning Resolution of 0.08 pm
➤ High optical output power of 45 mW
➤ Narrow laser linewidth < 10 kHz
➤ Excellent Side Mode Suppression Ratio of 55 dB
➤ Polarization Maintaining (PM) Output

➤ Laboratory Testing and Measurement
➤ In-Field Testing and Measurement
➤ DWDM Networks
➤ Seed Lasers for modulators
➤ Fiber Optics Components
➤ Fiber Sensors

Downloadable PDF Datasheets:
TWL-S-CL-HP Datasheet

Downloadable Images:
TWL-S Image (925249 bytes)

Manufacturer:  Optilab
Part Number:   TWL-S-CL-HP
Shipping Weight: 0.00 lbs
Lead Time:   Please call 1-480-719-1502
Base Price: $4,975.00

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