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You are at OEQuest : Components : Laser Diodes : Fabry Perot (FP), 780nm - 1625nm, Up to 240mW

Fabry Perot (FP), 780nm - 1625nm, Up to 240mW

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Product Part No. Vendor Availability Price
1310nm FP LD, 12mW, Isolator, TEC, 14-pin Butterfly LD-FP-1310 Optilab In Stock $1,295.00
1310nm FP, 0.5mW, CW, 1GHz Bandwidth, Coaxial Package FOL1371 Fitel In Stock $79.00
1310nm FP, 1mW Output, 2.5GHz, Coaxial Package NDL7408P2K NEC 2-3 Weeks $95.00
1310nm FP, 30mW Output, Pulse Mode, Coaxial Package FU-427SLD-EV1 Mitsubishi In Stock $90.00
1310nm FP, 3mW Output, 2.5GHz Bandwidth, Coaxial FLD3C5LK Fujitsu 2-3 Weeks $79.00
1310nm FP, 5mW Output, TO Can ML725B8F Mitsubishi In Stock $25.00
1467nm Pump LD, 170mW, Isolator, SM Fiber FOL1402PLG-317-1467 Fitel 2-3 Weeks $560.00
1480nm Pump LD, 160mW, Isolator, PM Fiber, SC Connector SLA5633-XC/JD1 Sumitomo Electric 2-3 Weeks $350.00
1480nm Pump LD, 200mW, Isolator, SM Fiber FOL1402PJX-317 Fitel 2-3 Weeks $650.00
1550nm FP LD, 12mW, Isolator, TEC, 14-pin Butterfly LD-FP-1550 Optilab 2-3 Weeks $1,295.00
1610nm FP Laser Diode Coaxial LD-FP-1610-C Optilab In Stock $125.00
1625nm FP, 200mW peak power in Pulse Mode, DIP package NDL7580P NEC 2-3 Weeks $525.00
785nm FP, 70mW output, TO Can ML601J24 Mitsubishi In Stock $50.00
785nm FP, 8mW Output, TO Can ML44126 Mitsubishi In Stock $30.00
830nm FP, 5mW output HLP1500 Hitachi In Stock $95.00
830nm Laser with 400mW from multimode fiber, with TEC and ST Connector LD-830-0.4-M Contact Oequest 2-3 Weeks $490.00
850nm VCSEL, 2mW, with Dome Lens, TO Can HVS6003-001 Finisar In Stock $55.00
Refurbished, 1480nm Pump LD, 210mW, Isolator, SM Fiber FOL1402PMZ-317-R Fitel 2-3 Weeks $280.00

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